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bluecross1Welcome to the new blog! It seems appropriate to start this off with a discussion about Non Duality.

Non Duality is the spiritual teaching of the non dual understanding. It is a recognition that reality is not two. Reality is a singularity, an infinite oneness. It is a teaching that has a history in eastern religions, such as Hinduism and Buddhism. Most people have at least a slight understanding of Zen Buddhism. Zen is a non dual teaching. Less people know of the Advaita teaching from the Hindu religion, although many people know of Yoga, which is related to and linked to the non dual teaching of Advaita. Yoga means unity, after all, and the aim of Yoga Meditation is to realise the state of oneness.

Ramana Maharshi was a great teacher of Non Duality in the twentieth century. He emphasised Self Enquiry, to find who it is that knows. We are not the body and mind we think we are. There is an essence of our true nature that can be revealed through self enquiry. One is reminded of the inscription in the Temple of Apollo in Ancient Greece, which said, "Know Thyself." Currently, amongst others, Eckhart Tolle, Rupert Spira, and Mooji continue this teaching of non duality, inviting humanity to move towards the greater understanding of the nature of reality.

The separation that we perceive in the world is not true. The many different humans, mammals, creatures, plants, planets etc. are not really many. There is an appearance of being many within an infinite oneness. To take only the example of a tree, say an oak tree: it stands tall as one with apparently many different branches whilst remaining one. The tree is an expression of the nature of the universe. It shows the many going out from the one, in its branches, in its roots, in its leaves, in its flowers. Yet it remains as one. The planet is the same, with a multitude of expressions whilst remining one. The universe is the same. There is an appearance of many, yet there is only one.

Non dual teaching goes further and explains that if there is only one, a one without limits or divisions, then identifying as a body, a mind, or indeed a soul, is incorrect. The labels that we use for things are incorrect, only vague definitions that do not stand up to scrutiny. Our own identity is brought into question, and the spiritual seeker is pointed to look inwards, to enquire: who am I?

In seeking the identity of our separate self, it is found that there is no separate self. This is Nirvana, Self Realisation, Enlightenment, Awakening. The idea and belief of the separate self is no more, and the selfless Self is revealed. The selfless Self is the nature of being without identity with form or limitation. It is the true Self that is here all along. It is the formless, spaceless, timeless Self. I call it the Infinite One, for simplicity. Some call it What Is, Isness, God, Pure Being, Awarness, Consciousness, Spirit. It is without name, of course.

So the aim of my books and this blog is to bring to the reader a greater understanding of reality, the nature of the universe, and our infinite being. We look at patterns within the world, spiritual symbols, and dive deep into the understanding of Non Duality.