Waves light to darkThe world appears as an interplay of opposites. We've all experienced opposites: near and far, hot and cold, light and dark, clarity and confusion, freedom and constraint, love and hate. The Non Dual teaching recognises this interplay of opposites in the world, but we do not accept it as true. There is not two. There is only one, but it's not even one, it's an infinite one. One without limits.

In light of this reality of oneness, we can understand this appearance of opposites more clearly. It is not that there truly is a separation, where the world split from one into many. It is rather that the world appears as if this has happened, whilst remaining as one. This brings us to understand opposites as a continuum, where they are not truly separated, but range from beginning to end within infinity. So we can say that hate is at the far end of the Continuum of Love, being far removed from it, but of the same nature.

We can understand distance as a Continuum of Separation. Although humanity may cleverly create divisions of distance, so that we can measure and communicate distances with an agreed scale, distance is not truly divided. What I mean is that we have a shared understanding of what 10cm is and what 1cm is, but there is no real divide of distance into centimetres. It is a human tool. There is more like an undivided span of distance that humanity labels with its measurements.

The Continuum of Separation takes us past understanding the world in fixed limited terms, to the closer understanding of an undivided range. We can say the Continuum ranges from oneness (or no distance) to near, to fairly near, to far, to very far. Again, we are using labels to describe it. But hopefully you get the idea of the unbroken range from oneness to separation, whilst remaining one.

It seems a paradox to say that separation is an undivided range. This is because there really isn't a separation. It is only an appearance of separation, because separation is impossible. It is more like a seeming stretching of oneness from itself to far from itself, whilst remaining as itself.

Maybe you see the implication here. The Singularity appears to have split into a world of many, whilst remaining timelessly a Singularity. We see ourself and the world, but it is the Singularity stretching itself into 'me' and 'others' whilst remaining one. The closest we can know is the heart of being, that point where all is experienced. It's the point where we feel 'I am', and if we look out from there we see objects or people that are close to us, and objects or people that are further away from us. But it is only the appearance of Oneness stretching.

The Continuum of Separation gives the appearance of distance between beginning and end, as it stretches from oneness and remains in oneness. The initial point of the Continuum is oneness, and as the stretching appears we reach the opposite or reflection of the prime quality of oneness. In this way we experience here and there, now and then, clarity and confusion, love and hate, peace and war, one and many. Within the spaceless, timeless Singularity appears the stretching out of space and time, without division, without beginning or end. It is an interplay of opposites within the infinite singularity of oneness.