It Is What It Is - The Singular Theory of EverythingIt Is What It Is: The Singular Theory of Everything is the title of my new book. It’s available as an Amazon Kindle eBook and as a paperback through Amazon. I’ll briefly explain here what this theory of everything is.

Consider the nature of a Singularity. It has no beginning or end, no limits. It is infinite. It is Here and Now – there is no space or time in a singularity. It does not change. There is no other. There is only the unending, undifferentiated oneness. This seems very different to the world we see. An Infinite Singularity cannot be seen. It has no form, and there is no other to look at it.

The world we experience is a World of Opposites. It appears as if it is the opposite of an infinite singularity. It appears as a finite world of many, a world of separation and definition, a world of distance, a world of change and motion. In this world of opposites we experience near and far, hot and cold, life and death, light and dark, truth and lies, love and hate, movement and stillness.

The teaching of Non Duality says that the world is not really defined or separated: there is only one. The limits that we perceive do not hold up to scrutiny. The fingers, hands, arms, and legs we label are not truly defined. They are non-separate elements of the body that we label as if they were separate. Similarly we label plants, animals and people as separate when they are truly non-separate elements of the planet. They rise within the planet, as seemingly distinct forms, and they return to the planet. But all the time they are the planet. The oneness of the universe is never broken.

The Singular Theory of Everything describes how the world appears to be separate but it is not. The Infinite Singularity from which the world seems to have appeared is always here. The apparently finite world appears within the Infinite Singularity and returns to the Infinite Singularity, whilst always being the Infinite Singularity. It seems that the world appears like the colours of the spectrum when dispersed from white light through a prism. It’s as if the Singularity is dispersed into the Continuum of Variety that we call a multiplicity.

This Singularity is not a lifeless thing. It is complete Life. It is Pure Peace. It does not lack or need for anything. The opposites that we experience are like its reflection. So where we experience the opposites of clarity and confusion, these stem from the Pure Clarity of the formless Singularity. The apparent stillness and motion that we experience are reflections of the True Stillness of the Singularity. The separation of opposites that we experience is a reflection of the Oneness of the Singularity, or as I call it, The Infinite One.

Furthermore, this Infinite One seems to be the still centre at the heart of our experience. It is that place in which the world is experienced, Consciousness. Our only experience of the world is in consciousness. The Singularity is Infinite Consciousness experiencing the world as finite forms. In our case as human beings. The heart of the human being and this human experience is the Infinite Singularity, Pure Unblemished Consciousness. This is the true nature of our being, not the mistaken identity that the mind believes in.

The book explores and elaborates this theory further, examining infinity, recognising patterns in the world, considering the spiritual significance of numbers in a singularity, exploring the heart of who you are, considering the mind, the ego, perception and emotions. Along the way there are tips and techniques to move forward in recognising the oneness of life and finding the peace and love that is the heart and whole of who we are.

It Is What It Is: The Singular Theory of Everything is available as an eBook on Amazon Kindle and as a paperback from Amazon.

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