Light is the clarity of awarenessWe perceive darkness and light in the world. Light is the clarity of awareness, clear seeing or knowing. Darkness is the clouding of clarity. Yet even the darkest darkness can be perceived. Darkness cannot exist without the perceiving of it. The seer and the seeing of light and darkness are inextricable.

It is in Awareness that we perceive this play of darkness and light. We can consider them as a Continuum of Light, ranging from clear light to obscured light (i.e. darkness). It is in this apparent dispersing of light that the opposite of darkness appears. Darkness is like the fading of light far from the source of light. Yet this is a play of opposites within the singularity of Pure Light.

Pure Clarity is a better term than Pure Light. The light we perceive is the nature of Clarity expressed as clear seeing. What we perceive as light is the nature of our transparent formless being, which is a Singularity, expressed through its apparent dispersion into a play of opposites. Remember, the seer, the seeing and the seen cannot be truly separated.

Let's try and simplify that. Let's say in the beginning there is a timeless infinite Singularity. There is no form. There are no limits. There is no obstruction or confusion. It's nature is Pure Clarity. Then the world appears as if the Singularity is split in two, into opposites like it and unlike it. So from pure Clarity there appears light and darkness. Light pertains to clear unobstructed seeing or knowing. Darkness is the limiting and clouding of clarity. It is through this play of opposites that the nature of the Singularity is expressed. The world, the universe, appears as a dispersion of a Singularity.

The Singularity is Pure Clarity is Pure Awareness. It is never truly dispersed. There is only an appearance of splitting into opposites. The continuum maintains the singularity, although apparently stretched out through time and space. It is in Pure Awareness that the world appears.

Pure Awareness (aka Pure Clarity) is the nature of our being. It is within Pure Awareness that we perceive this play of light and darkness, the interplay of opposites that we call the world. Light and darkness, clarity and confusion play out within our pure awareness of it.