The Play of Motion and StillnessStillness is fascinating. Things seem to be still around us - the ground, buildings, our furniture, parked cars, mountains, and so on. A lot of things just seem to stay where they are, completely still. But that's only how it seems.

Really, the ground, the buildings, our furniture, and so on, are part of a spinning planet. The stillness we perceive is only relative. The base of the planet appears still relative to us. The sun seems to spin around the planet from our relative viewpoint, but we know that it is the planet spinning around the sun. It is the sun that stays still. Well, not really. The sun, the planet, and the rest of our solar system is swirling in a spiral galaxy, which is also on the move.

Everything in the universe is moving. Any apparent stillness is not true stillness. It is an illusion of stillness. But there is a True Stillness that cannot be perceived. True Stillness is the heart of the universe, the heart of perception, the still centre of the world of motion and change.

Movement and stillness are the opposites that we perceive. Together they express and reflect the true nature of reality. The opposite of Stillness allows it to be perceived. Motion is the means by which we can know stillness, yet it is not the true stillness. The illusion of stillness is the best that True Stillness can be expressed.

Let's understand what I mean by True Stillness. Imagine a complete singularity, formless, invisible, indivisible, without time or space, without change, without movement. No things, but complete. No beginnings or ends. Infiniteness. This singularity is truly and perfectly still. It's still beyond any comparison. It's unmanifest stillness. There's no change in it and there's nowhere for it to go. There's nowhere inside it or outside it. This is what I mean by True Stillness.

It is this True Stillness that the world is expressing through the medium of opposites. From the timeless Here and Now the world of space and time appears as a dispersion through reflection (like how a rainbow appears by the dispersion of white light through a prism). True Stillness is then expressed as the appearance of motion and stillness (or indeed the spectrum of motion). In this way we experience the nature of the Singularity via this appearance of opposites. This Singularity, the True Stillness, remains as it is. It is the one and only being. We are the Infinite One.