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New Book Available on Amazon Kindle

It Is What It Is - The Singular Theory of EverythingMy latest book It Is What It Is: The Singular Theory of Everything is now available as an ebook through Amazon. This book is similar to my other books, but more in-depth and much larger. The aim is for the reader to gain a deeper understanding of the teaching of Non Duality and how this explains the nature of the universe, humanity and you. It looks at the reality of infinity, the illusion of separateness, the play of opposites, the spiritual meaning of numbers, patterns within the universe, identity, the mind, the ego, the human experience, belief, acceptance, and practices that can help on the pathless path to awakening, enlightenment or nirvana.

A paperback version will be available soon. Unlike my other books, this will not be available for free on this website, although you can view or download an excerpt below.

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 Quotes from the book:

"The world appears to be a World of Opposites in separation. It’s as if the Singularity has been blown apart into positive and negative aspects of itself, and these interacted and multiplied to create this World of Many, with a multitude of different forms that continue to interact. But there is no real separation. The Infinite One remains as it is throughout. The World of Opposites is an illusory manifestation of the unseen Infinite One within which it exists, and by which it is perceived and known."

"Imagine there were no countries, no possessions. You don’t need to imagine it. Rather, we need to let go of the imagination of there being countries and possessions. There are no true limits. The reality is there are no countries. Borders around countries are manmade concepts."

"When we look out on a landscape we may see hills and mountains in the distance, or buildings and factories. Our perception of distance is right here. We may hear the sound of a train going by in the distance, or an aeroplane flying by overhead. Maybe there’s the sound of birds in the trees or people talking in the street. We hear the sound right here, and experience the perspective of distance and location right here.

Wherever you go you are always right here. That is, wherever the human form goes in space, you are right here. You can never be anywhere other than here. You may experience a sense of location and distance, but it is always experienced here.

You may have a sense of ‘over there’ but when you get there you are still right here. When have you ever been anywhere other than here? Recognise that all experience of distance and space is only ever experienced right here."

"So Awareness can be called Spirit, and in that sense it is the ever present unseen quality of what is. That unspeakable essence of what Life is. This Spirit of Awareness is expressed in the world as a Spectrum of Spirit, from the most free and formless of forms to the most limited and dense of forms. It is those denser forms that can be labelled as matter. But we can also call it dense spirit. There is only the one substance, for want of a better word. It may be better to say there is only One Spirit, and when that One Spirit takes form there appears to be a distancing from the unseen pure nature of true Spirit, true Awareness. Distance from the complete freedom of true Spirit, appears as a condensing and restricting of form into what we think of as matter. But it’s still spirit, in a similar way that ice is a condensed, hardened form of water."

"For a human to live a good and right life, actions should be in accordance with what is known of the Singularity. It is the Way of Oneness. We should treat all with the respect of oneness, which equates to being kind, compassionate, giving selflessly, encouraging oneness in the world, showing peace and fairness. Bring out your qualities of oneness. You are not in competition with others. Allow love and compassion for all humans, creatures, plants and the planet, to come through."

The Edge of Enlightenment

The Edge of Enlightenment

First Edition (rev. 3)

A collection of insights pointing to the unseen truth of the world. The truth that is here at the heart of your being. Beyond the mistaken concepts of separateness, identity and the finite world, the truth is that there is only one, an infinite one. Enlightenment is letting go of the belief that we are limited - that we are the body and the mind - and allowing our infinite nature to be as it is. There are 3 main chapters in the book - The Truth about the Illusion, Who Am I?, and Edging towards Enlightenment.

Gain an understanding of non-duality. Recognise the infinite oneness in the world. Explore the illusory workings of the visible, changing world of opposites and how this points to the reality of the invisible unchanging one. With this natural understanding, find guidance to let go of mistaken ideas that hold us back and prevent us from seeing with true clarity. Rest in the infinite oneness of your being.

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Quotes from the book:

"The world appears to consist of many separate things, but this is only its appearance. In truth there are no clear defining edges of things. All is one interconnected flow. Separateness is not true.... The world, or what is, remains as one, a singularity. Although it appears to have split into opposites, into many, it forever remains as one. It is an infinite one without limits: no beginnings or ends, no inside or outside."

"We humans are all twigs on the tree. We stretch outwards, looking. We may create more twigs, a bit like us, that stretch out in their own way. We see the other twigs as they all go their separate ways. They are similar to us but different. We may feel we are unique or maybe we fit in with a bunch of twigs just like us. This is how we appear. But looking deeper within we can find the core of our being. We are one tree, we have one source, one core, one heart of our being."

"Recognise that the ultimate answer is Infinity itself. When you look outwards you look at infinity. When you look inwards you find infinity also. The true nature is infinite. There are no beginnings and ends: the finite is not real. Rest in your infinite nature. There is no need to search for this. It is here now."

Philosophical Contemplations (2023 Revised Edition)

Philosophical Contemplations Kindle Book

Philosophical Contemplations is a collection of short insights into philosophy, covering:

God - The UniversePatterns - The Philosopher.

What is The Law of Opposites? What is Reality? Does God exist?

Find out how patterns in the visible world demonstrate the underlying truths of existence.

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Quotes from the book:

"No word can be spoken to deny the Law of Opposites without it being confirmed; the Law allows opposition, Lawlessness, although this is superficial. It is inherent in communication, in speech and hearing. This page of text shows it, no matter what is written.

It’s a law of reflections: what is right, what is not right; what is substantial, what is not substantial; what is significant, what is not significant. It’s a way to show the Invisible, but it only really shows us a reflection."

"Which came first, the acorn or the oak? The oak is in the acorn; the acorn is in the oak. From the seed of nothing come the branches of everything, and in the branches of everything is the seed of nothing. What was before will come after."

"For there to be many there must be one, since many implies many of a kind. ‘Sixty minutes’ means sixty of the type ‘minute’. Even ‘sixty’ alone means sixty of the type ‘one’. So the many are dependent on the one, as the spokes of a wheel are dependent on the hub."


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