Philosophical Contemplations

Philosophical Contemplations Kindle Book


Philosophical Contemplations is a collection of short insights into philosophy, covering:

God - The UniversePatterns - The Philosopher.

What is The Law of Opposites? What is Reality? Does God exist?

Find out how patterns in the visible world demonstrate the underlying truths of existence.

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Some quotes:

"No word can be spoken to deny the Law of Opposites without it being confirmed; the Law allows opposition, Lawlessness, although this is superficial. It is inherent in communication, in speech and hearing. This page of text shows it, no matter what is written.

It’s a law of reflections: what is right, what is not right; what is substantial, what is not substantial; what is significant, what is not significant. It’s a way to show the Invisible, but it only really shows us a reflection."


"Which came first, the acorn or the oak? The oak is in the acorn; the acorn is in the oak. From the seed of nothing come the branches of everything, and in the branches of everything is the seed of nothing. What was before will come after."


"For there to be many there must be one, since many implies many of a kind. ‘Sixty minutes’ means sixty of the type ‘minute’. Even ‘sixty’ alone means sixty of the type ‘one’. So the many are dependent on the one, as the spokes of a wheel are dependent on the hub."