Gallery 2: The Fallibility of Concepts

We use concepts to describe the world.

These images point to the failure of concepts.

Concepts may point to the truth but in themselves concepts are never absolutely true. 

Describing an empty page

Is The Glass Full?

Where Does A River End

Limits Are Imaginary

Which Word Is Better

Which Word Is Brighter

Is there anything to see

What Time Does The Sun Rise JPG

How hot is warm

When Is Now?

Where Is Here?

Place a pen on a table. Will it move?


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Gallery 2: The Fallibility of Concepts

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Background photos from, with credits to:

Engin Akyurt (Glass)
Glauber Sampaio (River)
Nong V (Waters)
Theodor Vasile (Sunrise)
Bianca Ackermann (Thermometer)
Steve Johnson (Clock)
Mick Haupt (Compass)
Liviu C (Pen)