Gallery 3: Who Am I?

We are not the limited human beings we assume we are.

Limits are imaginary.

Neither are we the thoughts that come and go.

We are the infinite unchanging awareness of this.

Truth Is A Singularity

The Imaginary Egos

You Are Not Who You Think You Are

Haiku - Thoughts Float By Like Clouds

Listen, Can You Hear The Silence

I Am Not The Thoughts

Thoughts Happen

Describing the Indescribable

Where Am I

Awareness Attention Mind Body World

Form Within The Formless

The Unchanging One


Gallery 1: The World of Opposites

Gallery 2: The Fallibility of Concepts

Gallery 3: Who Am I?

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Background photos from, with credits to:

Andy Holmes (Space)
Brooke Cagle (Lady with Hat)
Rodion Kutsaev (Clouds)
Vincent Van Zalinge (Hare)
Anthony Tori (Man Sat)
Erik Mclean (Car)
NASA (Planet Earth)